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1-2-1 - One To One [e.g. Do you want to chat 1-2-1?]
1FTR - One For The Road
2u - to you
2u2 - to you too
24/7 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
AA - Alcholics Anonymous
AAMOF - As A Matter Of Fact
Abbr. - Abbreviation
ACK - Acknowledgement
ACRONYM - Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning
ADN - Any Day Now
AFAIAA - As Far As I Am Aware
AFAIAC - As Far As I Am Concerned
AFAICT - As Far As I Can Tell
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AFAIR - As Far As I Remember/Recall
AFAIUI - As Far As I Understand It
AFK - Away From The Keyboard; Away For A Kwickie
AFL - AbsoFreakinLutely
AI - Artificial Intelligence
AIMP - Always In My Prayers
AISB - As I Said Before; As It Should Be
AISE - As I Said Earlier
AISI - As I See It
AIUI - As I Understand It
AIW - As It Were/Was
AKA - Also Known As
AMAP - As Much/Many As Possible
AMF - Adios My Friend; Adios Mother F*cker
ANFAWFOS - And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
AOB - Any Other Business
AOBTD - Another One Bites The Dust
AOL - America On Line [Internet Content Provider]
APAC - All Praise And Credit
API - Application Program Interface
ARPA - Advanced Research Projects Agency
A/S? - Age/Sex?
A/S/L? - Age/Sex/Location?
ASAFP - As Soon As F*cking Possible
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATB - All The Best
ATK - At The Keyboard
ATLA - Another Three Letter Acronym
ATM - At The Moment
ATTN - Attention
ATTYOB - Anything That Turns You On Baby
AU - Australia
aVG - Average
AWCIGO - And Where Can I Get One
AWGTHTGTATA - Are We Going To Have To Go Through All This/That Again
AWGTHTGTTA - Are We Going To Have To Go Through This/That Again
AWHFY - Are We Having Fun Yet
AYT - Are You There


B/C - Because
B4 - Before
B4N - Bye For Now
BAC - By Any Chance
BAD - Broken As Designed
BAK - Back At Keyboard
BAMF - Bad Assed Mother F*cker
BBB - Busy Beyond Belief
BBFN - Bye Bye For Now
BBIAB - Be Back In A Bit
BBIAF - Be Back In A Flash
BBIAM - Be Back In A Minute
BBIAS - Be Back In A Sec
BBL - Be Back Later
BBN - Bye Bye Now
BBR - Burnt Beyond Repair
BBS - Bulletin Board System
BC - Basket Case; Because
BCC - Blind Carbon Copy
BCNU - Be Seein' You
<BEG> - Big Evil Grin
BF - Boy Friend
BFD - Big F*cking Deal
BFE - Bum F*ck Egypt [meaning a faraway place e.g. there were no close
parking spaces so I had to park in BFE]
BFG - Big Friendly Giant; Big F*cking Gun
BFH - Bastard From Hell
BFI - Brute Force and Ignorance; Bunch of F*cking Idiots
BFMI - Brute Force and Massive Ignorance
BFN - Bye For Now
<BG> - Big Grin
BI - Breidbart Index [a way of measuring whether one person's
postings to a newsgroup constitutes SPAM, named after the
person who designed it]
BIC - Best In Class
BIL - Brother In Law
BION - Believe It Or Not
BIOYA - Blow It Out Your A*se
BITD - Beaten It To Death
BK - Because
BMA - Bite My Ass
BM - Blonde Moment; Bite Me
BMF - Bad Mother F*cker
BMHATK - Banging My Head Against The Keyboard
BMHATW - Banging My Head Against The Wall
BMOC - Big Man On Campus
BMTA - Brilliant Minds Think Alike
BMTIPG - Brilliant Minds Think In Parallel Gutters
BNF - Big Name Fan
BOC - But Of Course
BOF - Birds Of a Feather
BOFH - Bastard Operator From Hell
BOHOF - Back Of Hand On Forehead
BOHICA - Bend Over Here It Comes Again
BOL - Best Of Luck
BOS - Big Orange Switch; Boyfriend Over Shoulder
BOT - Back On Topic
BOTEC - Back Of The Envelope Calculation
BRB - Be Right Back
BRBGP - Be Right Back Gotta Pee
BRBIGP - Be Right Back I Gotta Pee
BRO - Brother
Bros. - Brothers
BRS - Big Red Switch
BRT - Be Right There
BS - Bullsh*t
BSEG - Big Sh*t Eating Grin
BSG - Big Smiling Grin; Broad Sweeping Generalisation
BSOD - Blue Screen Of Death
BST - British Summer Time
BTA - But Then Again
BTAICBW - But Then Again I Could Be Wrong
BTAIM - Be That As It May
BTDT - Been There Done That
BTDTGTTS - Been There Done That Got The T-Shirt
BTG - Buck Tooth Green
BTOBD - Be There Or Be Dead
BTOBS - Be There Or Be Square
BTSOOM - Beats The Sh*t Out Of Me
BTTP - Back To The Point
BTW - By The Way
BWL - Bursting With Laughter
BWQ - Buzz Word Quotient
BY - BusY
BYKT - But You Know/Knew That
BYKTA - But You Know/Knew That Already
BYOB - Bring Your Own Bottle/Booze

C/O - Care Of
C&P - Copy & Paste
CADET - Can't Add Doesn't Even Try
CB - Call Back
CC - Carbon Copy
CCWC - Can't Cook Won't Cook
CCCU - Calm Cool Collected Unperturbed
CE - Creative Editing
CERT - Computer Emergency Response Team
CF - Charlie Foxtrot; Cluster F*ck [similar to SNAFU]
CFD - Call For Discussion
CFV - Call For Votes
<CG> - Cute Grin
CGI - Common Gateway Interface
CHOWUR - See HOW yoU aRe
CHP - California Highway Patrol
CHUR - See How yoU aRe
CIAC - Computer Incident Advisory Capability
CIAO - goodbye [pronounced Chow]
CIC - Christ I'm Confused
CICO - Coffee In Coffee Out
CID - Crying In Disgrace
CIO - Cut It Out
Cir. - Circle
CLAB - Crying Like A Baby
CLM - Career Limiting Move
CMIIW - Correct Me If I'm Wrong
CNP - Continued Next Post
CO - COnference
COD - Cash On Delivery
COTFLGUOAHAHA - Crawling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out And Having A
Heart Attack
COTN - Coffee/Coke Out The Nose
CP - Chat Post
CPF - Can Pigs Fly
CRAFT - Can't Remember A F*cking Thing
CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRS - Can't Remember Sh*t
CS - Cop Shop
CSG - Chuckle Snicker Grin
CST - Central Standard Time [US time zone]
CTR - Choose The Right
CTTD - Cute Things They Do
CTTS - Cute Things They Say
CU - See yoU
CUL - See yoU Later
CUL8R - See yoU LateR
CV - Curriculum Vitae
CWYL - Chat With You Later
CYA - See Ya; Cover Your A*se
CYL - See You Later

D/L - Download
D&W - Ducking And Weaving
DAMHIK - Don't Ask Me How I Know
DAMHIK, IJK - Don't Ask Me How I Know, I Just Know
DAP - Parents Against Dyslexia [chuckle]
DARFC - Ducking And Running For Cover
DBA - Doing Business As
DBN - Doing Business - Not
DD - Due Diligence
DEG - Deliciously Evil Grin
DFM - Don't Flame Me
DFU - Don't Forget Units
DH - Dear/Damn Husband
DICA - Do I Care Asshole
DIFA - Dumb Intellectual Fat Ass
DIIK - Damned If I Know
DIIN - Damned If I kNow
DILLIGAF - Does It Look Like I Give A F*ck
DILLIGAFF - Does It Look Like I Give A Flying F*ck
DIM - Do It Myself
DIY - Do It Yourself
DK - Don't Know
DL - DownLoad
DLG - Devilish Little Grin
DLTBBB - Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DNA - Did Not Answer
DNO - Do Not Open [used in the subject line of a post or email
to indicate that the total message is included in the
subject line]
DNPM - Darn Near P*ssed Myself
DNPML - Darn Near P*ssed Myself Laughing
DNS - Domain Name System
DOA - Dead On Arrival
DOB - Date Of Birth
DOLT - Division of Overseas Lemming Technicians
(only seen in private newsgroups - aol.newsgroups.*)
DOM - Dirty Old Man
DOS - Disk Operating System [the original computer operating
system developed by Microsoft, and how they made their
name <g>]
DPKOL - Deep Passionate Kiss On the Lips
Dr - Doctor
DTOKAB - Drop To One Knee And Bow/Blow
DTP - DeskTop Publishing
DTRT - Do The Right Thing
DTTAH - Don't Try This At Home
DUCWIC - Do YoU See What I See
DUK - Dead Upon Keyboard
DUWTWB - Do yoU Want To WhiteBoard
DUWWB - Do yoU Want to WhiteBoard
DWIM - Do What I Mean
DWIMC - Do What I Mean Correctly
DWIMNWIS - Do What I Mean Not What I Say
DWISNWID - Do What I Say Not What I Do
DWPKOL - Deep Wet Passionate Kiss On the Lips
DYE - Damn Your Eyes
DYHWIH - Do You Hear What I Hear
DYSWIS - Do You See What I See

E2EG - Ear to Ear Grin
E&OE - Errors And Omissions Excepted; Errors And Omissions Expected
ED - Emotionally Disturbed
EDP - Emotionally Disturbed Person
EDT - Eastern Daylight savings Time [US time zone]
<EG> - Evil Grin
EIF - Exercise In Futility
ELOL - Evil Laughing Out Loud
EMSG - Email Message
EOB - End Of Business
EOD - End Of Discussion
EOF - End Of File
EOL - End Of Lecture
eom - End Of Message (nearly always seen in lower case)
EOT - End Of Thread
EPID - Every Person Is Different
ES&D - Eat Sh*t And Die
ESAD - Eat Sh*t And Die
ESAL - Eat Sh*t And Live
ESP - ESPecially
ESOSL - Endless Snorts Of Stupid Laughter
EST - Eastern Standard Time [US time zone]
ETA - Estimated Time Of Arrival
ETLA - Extended Three Letter Acronym

F2F - Face To Face
FART - Fathers Against Radical Teenagers
FA - F*cking A
FAQ - Frequently Asked Question(s)
FB - Fine Business; Fat B*stard
FCFS - First Come First Served
FCOL - For Crying Out Loud
FDROTFL - Falling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing
FFRD - Flying F*ck in a Rolling Doughnut
FFS - For F*ck's Sake
FFTFM - For The Feeble Minded
FICCL - Frankly I Couldn't Care Less
FIGJAM - F*ck I'm Good Just Ask Me
FIGMO - F*ck It Got My Orders
FIIK - F*cked If I Know
FIIN - F*cked If I kNow
FIL - Father In Law
FIOFY - Figure It Out For Yourself
FIRST - Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FISH - First In Still Here
FITB - Fill In The Blank
FITH - F*cked In The Head
FLEA - Four Letter Extended Acronym
FLOTUS - First Lady Of The United States
FMH - F*ck Me Harder
FOAD - F*ck Off And Die
FOAF - Friend Of A Friend
FOAFOAG - Father Of A Friend Of A Girlfriend
FOAG - Father Of A Girlfriend
FOCL - Fell Off Chair Laughing
FOD - Finger Of Death
FOOBAR - a programming expression [e.g. if foo then bar]
FOS - Freedom Of Speech; Full Of Sh*t
FOT - Full Of Tripe
FOTCL - Falling Off The Chair Laughing
FRED - F*cking Ridiculous Electronic Device
FRO - F*ck Right Off
FROB - F*ck Right Off Baby
FRZ - Fruitin' Religious Zealot
FSD - Fools Seldom Differ
FTASB - Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTBOMH - From The Bottom Of My Heart
FTF - Face To Face
FTL - Faster Than Light
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
FTR - For The Record
FTS - Fixin' To Start
FUATFHYRIO - F*ck yoU And The Flying Horse You Rode In On
FUBAB - F*cked Up Beyond All Belief
FUBAR - F*cked Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition
FUD - Fear Uncertainty And Doubt
FUDA - F*ck yUo Dumbass
FUMTU - F*cked Up More Than Usual
FURTB - Full Up Ready To Burst
FWIW - For What It's Worth
FWY - Freeway
FYA - For Your Amusement
FYATFHYRIO - F*ck You And The Flying Horse You Rode In On
FYATHYRIO - F*ck You And The Horse You Rode In On
FYI - For Your Information

G - Grin <g>
G2G - Got To Go
GA - Go Ahead
GAC - Get A Clue
GAFIA - Get Away From It All
GAL - Get A Life
GBH - Great Big Hug; Grievious Bodily Harm
GBH&K - Great Big Hugs & Kisses
GBH&KB - Great Big Hugs & Kisses Back
GD&R - Grinning Ducking And Running
GD&RF - Grinning Ducking And Running Fast
GD&RVVF - Grinning Ducking And Running Very Very Fast
GD&W - Grinning Ducking And Weaving
GF - GirlFriend
GFN - Gone For Now
GFR - Grim File Reaper
GFU - General F*ck Up
GFY - Go F*ck Yourself
GFYS - Go F*ck Your Self
GG - Gotta Go; Good Game
GGGGG - Geez!
GGN - Gotta Go Now
GGP - Gotta Go Pee
GH - Getting Hard (male)
GIF - Graphical Interchange Format
GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out; Garbage In Gospel Out
GIWIST - Gee I Wish I'd Said That
GJ - Good Job
GJP - Good Job Partner
GL - Good Luck
GLG - Goofy Little Grin
GLGH - Good Luck and Good Hunting
GMAO - Giggling My A*se Off
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time [UK Time]
GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike
GOK - God Only Knows
GOOML - Get Out Of My Life
GOS - Girlfriend Over Shoulder
GOTFIA - Groaning On The Floor In Agony
GOWI - Get On With It
GPF - General Protection Fault; Go Puke Fast
GR8 - Great
GRQ - Get Rich Quick - a type of spam (MMF)
GRUIT - Get Real yoU Impudent Thing
GSH - Good Sense of Humour
GTBOS - Glad To Be Of Service
GTFOOMF - Get The F*ck Out Of My Face
GTFOH - Get The F*ck Outta Here
GTG - Got To Go
GTGB - Got To Get Beer
GTGN - Got To Go Now
GTP - Got To Pee
GTS - God That Sucked
GTSU - Glad/Good To See You
GW - Getting Wet (female)
GYFFR - Get Your F*cking Facts Right

H2 - How To
H&K - Hugs & Kisses
HABO - Have A Better One
HACB - Horny As Can Be
HAGN - Have A Good Night
HAGO - Have A Good One
HAK - Hugs And Kisses
HAND - Have A Nice Day
HATM - Howling At The Moon
HB - Honey Bear; HummingBird
HCB - Holy Cow Batman
HHB - Hello Honey Bear
HHGTTG - Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy
HHIS - Hanging Head In Shame
HHO1/2K - Ha Ha Only Half Kidding
HHOJ - Ha Ha Only Joking
HHOK - Ha Ha Only Kidding
HHOS - Ha Ha Only Serious
HIB__ - Have I Been ___________
HICA - Here It Comes Again
HMFIC - Head Mother-F*cker In Charge
HNG - Horny Net Geek
HOAS - Hold On A Second
HOMPR - Hang On Mobile Phone's Ringing
HOPR - Hang On Phone's Ringing
HOS - Husband Over Shoulder
HOUER - Hanging On yoUr Every Word
HOYER - Hanging On Your Every Word
HP - Home Page
HPB - High Ping B*stard [used in gaming circles]
HSIK - How Should I Know
HSP - Highly Sensitive Person
HTFSIK - How The F*ck Should I Know
HTH - Hope This Helps
HTML - HyperText Markup Language
HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol
HUA - Head Up A*se
HW - HardWare
HWS(PEST) - Husband Wants Sex (Please Excuse Slow Typing)
HWUA - Head Way Up A*se
HWY - Highway

IAAA - I Am An Accountant
IAAD - I Am A Doctor
IAAL - I Am A Lawyer
IAC - In Any Case
IAE - In Any Event
IAGFII - It's All Good Fun Isn't It
IANA - Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IANAA - I Am Not An Accountant
IANAC - I Am Not A Crook
IANAD - I Am Not A Doctor
IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer
IANALBIPOOTV - I Am Not A Lawyer But I Play One On TV
IANYM - In A New York Minute
IANYS - In A New York Second
IAP - Internet Access Provider
IARTPFWTSIOWIM - I Am Repeating This Parrot Fashion Without The Slightest Idea Of What It Means
IASH - I Am So Horny
IAWC - In A While Crocodile [usually used to reply to SYLA(cf)]
IAY - I Adore You
IAYT - I Adore You Too [also IAY2]
IB - I'm Back
IBC - Inadequate But Cute
IBM - Inadequate But Marketable
IBTD - I Beg To Differ
IC - I See; In Character
ICAM - I Couldn't Agree More
ICB - I Care Because
ICBW - I Could Be Wrong
ICCL - I Couldn't Care Less
ICGAFF - I Couldn't Give A Flying F*ck
ICP - Internet Content Provider
ICQ - I Seek You [an Internet messaging system]
ICTYBTIHTKY - I Could Tell You But Then I'd Have To Kill You
ICUR - I See yoU aRe
ID - Identification
IDGAD - I Don't Give A Damn
IDGAF - I Don't Give A F*ck (also seen as I Do Give A F*ck)
IDGAFF - I Don't Give A Flying F*ck
IDGARA - I Don't Give A Rat's Ar*se
IDGAS - I Don't Give A Sh*t
IDGI - I Don't Get It
IDK - I Don't Know
IDN - I Don't Know
iDOT - Internet Development Outreach and Technology
IDTS - I Don't Think So
IDTT - I'll Drink To That
IE - In Effect
IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force
IGP - I Gotta Pee
IHABICNRWTSF - I Hate Abbreviations Because I Can Never Remember What They Stand For [pronounced Eye habbik nerwit siff<g>]
IHTBS - It Has To Be Shown
IHTFP - I Hate This F*cking Place; I Have Truly Found Paradise
IIABDFI - If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It
IIRC - If I Recall/Remember Correctly
IITYWITIWHTKY - If I Tell You What It Means I Will Have To Kill You
IITYWIMWYBMAD - If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink
IITYWIMWYKM - If I Tell You What It Means Will You Kiss Me
IJLS - I Just Like Saying
IK - I Know; Inverse Kinematics
IKWUM - I Know What yoU Mean
IKWYM - I Know What You Mean
ILI - I Like Ike
ILICISCOMK - I Laughed, I Cried, I Spilt Coffee/Coke On My Keyboard
ILIWAPCT - I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
ILU - I Love yoU
ILUIS - I Laughed Until I Stopped
ILUT - I Love yoU Too [also ILU2]
ILY - I Love You
ILY4E - I Love You ForEver
IMAO - In My Arrogant Opinion
IMBO - In My Biased Opinion
IMCDO - In My Conceited Dogmatic Opinion
IMCO - In My Considered Opinion
IME - In My Experience
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMMOR - I Make My Own Rules
IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
IMOBO - In My Own Biased Opinion
IMPE - In My Personal/Previous Experience
IMPOV - In My Point Of View
IMS - I Must Say
IMVHO - In My Very Humble Opinion
Inc. - Incorporated
INGSI - I'm Not Going To Say It
INPO - In No Particular Order
INT - I'll Never Tell
IO - Input/Output
IOU - I Owe You
IOW - In Other Words
IP - Internet Protocol
IR - Inter Racial
IRC - Internet Relay Chat
IRL - In Real Life
IROOC - I've Run Out Of Cigarettes
IRT - In Real Time
ISC - I Stand Corrected
ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO - In Search Of
ISP - Internet Service Provider
ISTM - It Seems To Me
ISTR - I Seem To Remember
IT - Information Technology [a global term for all things now to do with computers]
ITFA - In The Final Analysis
ITMA - Its That Man Again
ITYM - I Think You Mean
IUTHALORFH - I Used To Have A Lot Of Respect For Him/Her
IUTKATS - I Used To Know All That Stuff
IWALU - I Will Always Love yoU
IWALY - I Will Always Love You
IWBNI - It Would Be Nice If
IWIK - I Wish I Knew
IWSN - I Want Sex Now
IYD - In Your Dreams
IYF - In Your Face
IYF __ - Insert Your Favourite ________
IYFEG - Insert Your Favourite Ethnic Group
IYKWIM - If You Know What I Mean
IYQ - I Like You [say it, don't read it]
IYSWIM - If You See What I Mean

J/K - Just Kidding
JAFO - Just Another F*cking Observer
JAFU - Just Another F*ck Up
JAM - Just A Moment/Minute
JAO - Just Another Observer
JAS - Just A Second
JFF - Just For Fun
JFTR - Just For The Record
JFYI - Just For Your Information
JIC - Just In Case
JIT - Just In Time
JLY - Jesus Loves You
JMHO - Just My Humble Opinion
JMO - Just My Opinion
JMOOC - Just My Opinion Of Course
JOTL - Joy Of The Lord
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
JSYK - Just So You Know
JTLYK - Just To Let You Know
JTUSK - Just Thought yoU Should Know
JTYMLTK - Just Thought You Might Like To Know
JTYWTK - Just Thought You Wanted To Know

K - oKay
KIA - Know It All
KIBO - Knowledge In Bullsh*t Out
KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
KITA - Kick In The A*se
KMA - Kiss My A*se
KMB - Kiss My Butt
KMWIH - Kick Me Where It Hurts
KMYF - Kiss Me You Fool
KOL - Kiss On Lips
KOS - Kids Over Shoulder
KOTC - Kiss On The Cheek
KOTL - Kiss On The Lips
KOTM - Kook Of The Month
KTCOOTN - Keep This Crap Out Of This Newsgroup
KWIM - Know What I Mean
KYHU - Keep Your Head Up
KYHOOTW - Keep Your Head Out Of The Water
KYHOOYA - Keep Your Head Out Of Your A*se

L8R - Later
L8TRZ - Laters
LAB&TYD - Life's A Bitch And Then You Die
LAB&TYMO - Life's A Bitch And Then You Marry One
LAGNAF - Let's All Get Naked And F*ck
LALL - Live And Let Live
LAN - Local Area Network
LART - Luser Attitude Re-adjustment Tool
LDTO - Lets Ditch This One
LDWPKOL - Long Deep Wep Passionate Kiss On the Lips
LHM - Lord Help Me
LHU - Lord Help Us
LJBF - Let's Just Be Friends
LLAP - Live Long And Prosper
LLTA - Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause
LMA - Leave Me Alone
LMAO - Laughing My A*se Off
LMAOROTF - Laughing My A*se Off Rolling On The Floor
LMC - Lost My Connection
LMCOA - Lost My Connection Once Again
LMFAO - Laughing My F*cking A*se Off
LMK - Let Me Know
LMTFA - Leave Me The F*ck Alone
LOFLOL - Lying On Floor Laughing Out Loud
LOL - Laughing Out Loud; Little Old Lady; Lots of Love [minority usage]
LoTR - Lord of The Rings
LOWOTFBTC - Laughing Out Waving On The Floor Biting The Carpet
LPB - Low Ping B*stard [used in gaming circles]
LSFIAB - Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel
LSHIH - Laughing So Hard It Hurts
LSHIPMP - Laughing So Hard I Peed My Pants
LSHMBIB - Laughing So Hard My Belly Is Bouncing
LSHMSB - Laughing So Hard My Stitches Burst
LSMIF - Laughing So Much I Farted
LSMISMT - Laughing So Much I Shot My Tampax
LSP - Less Sensitive Person
LTBF - Learn To Be Funny
LTIP - Laughing 'Til I Puke
LTM - Laughing To Myself
LTMSH - Laughing 'Til My Sides Hurt
LTNS - Long Time No See
LTR - Long Term Relationship
LTUAE - Life, The Universe, And Everything [Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy]
LY - Love ya
LYIC - Love You In Christ
LYLAB - Love You Like A Brother
LYLAS - Love You Like A Sister
LYWAMH - Love You With All My Heart

M8 - Mate
MAY - Mad About You
MAYB - Mad About You Baby
MB - Message Board
MBR - Master Boot Record
MCIBTY - My Computer Is Better Than Yours
MD - Mailed
MDT - Mountain Daylight savings Time
MFG - More Friendly Garbage
MFIC - Mother F*cker In Charge
MFWIC - Mother F*cker What's In Charge
MHBFY - My Heart Bleeds For You
MHDC - My Hard Drive Crashed
MHM - Members Helping Members
MHOTY - My Hat's Off To You
MIL - Mother In Law
MIME - Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions
MING - Mailing
MIPS - Meaningless Information Per Second
ML - More Later
MLA - Multiple Letter Acronym
MM - Multi Media
MMF - Make Money Fast - a type of spam, illegal in most countries
MMIF - My Mouth Is Full
MMX - Multi-Media eXtensions
MNC - Mother Nature Calls
MOF - Matter Of Fact
MOMN - Milk Out My Nose
MORF - Male OR Female
MOS - Member of the Opposite Sex
MOTAS - Member Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTD - Message Of The Day
MOTOS - Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOTSS - Member Of The Same Sex
MPH - Miles Per Hour
MS - More Sh*t; More of the Same
MSCEA - My Southern Comfort's Empty Again
MSIE - Microsoft Internet Explorer
MSS - Member of the Same Sex
MT - My Time
MTFBWY - May The Force Be With You
MUD - Multi-User Dungeon/Domain
MUNG - Mash/Mung Until No Good
MYOB - Mind Your Own Business

N/M - Never Mind
NADM - Never A Dull Moment
NAGI - Not A Good Idea
NANAE - [Usenet newsgroup]
NANAU - [Usenet newsgroup]
NAVY - Never Again Volunteer Yourself
NAYY - Not Affiliated. Yada-Yada. [origin unknown]
NB - Nota Bene [Latin for Note Well, i.e. what follows is important]
NBD - No Big Deal
NBL - Not Bloody Likely
NBTD - Nothing Better To Do
NCB - Never Change Baby
NDB - None of your Damned Business
NDM - No Disrespect Meant
NERD - National Establishment for Real Dorks
NE1 - Anyone
NFG - No F*cking Good
NFI - No F*cking Idea
NFW - No F*cking Way
NFY - No - F*ck You
NGT - Not Gonna Tell
NHOH - Never Heard Of Her/Him
NICBDAT - Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes
NIDWTC - No I Don't Want To Chat
NIH - Not Invented Here
NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard
NINO - Nothing In Nothing Out
NIMTO - Not In My Term Of Office
NIT - Not In Therapy
NLI - Not Logged In
NLT - No Later Than
NM - Never Mind
NM - No Message [used in the subject title of an email which includes only an attachment]
NMI - No Middle Initial
NMP - Not My Problem
NMS - Not My Style
NMSAA - Not My Style At All
NN - Night Night
NNTP - Network News Transfer Protocol
NoCeM - No See 'eM
NOOTO - Nothing Out Of The Ordinary
NORWICH - kNickers Off Ready When I Come Home
NOYB - None Of Your Business
NP - No Problem
NP - No Picture [used in the subject title of an email]
NPF - No Problem Found
NPLU - Not People Like Us
NQA - No Questions Asked
NQOS - Not Quite Our Sort
NRN - No Reply Necessary
NS - Netscape
NSS - No Sh*t Sherlock
NT - No Text
NTG - Not Too Good
NTH - No Therapy Helpful
NTIBOA - Not That I'm Bitter Or Anything
NTIM - Not That It Matters
NTIMM - Not That It Matters Much
NTL - None The Less/Never The Less
NTP - Need To Pee
NUI - Network User Identification
NYCTMI - Now You Come To Mention It
NYI - Not Yet Implemented
NYM - New York Minute
NYP - Not Your Problem

O - Over [to you]
OATUS - On A Totally Unrelated Subject
OAUS - On An Unrelated Subject
OB - OBligatory; Oh Baby
OBTW - Oh By The Way
OD - OverDose; Oh Dear
OFS - One Finger Salute [the 'bird']
OIC - Oh I See
OMA - On My Ass
OMB - On My Butt
OMBLMAO - On My Butt Laughing My A*se Off
OMFG - Oh My F*cking God
OMG - Oh My God
ONNA - Oh No Not Again
ONNTA - Oh No Not That/This Again
OO - Over and Out
OOC - Out Of Character
OOI - Out Of Interest
OOSOOM - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
OOTC - Obligatory On Topic Comment [indicates that part of a message that pertains in some way to the Usenet newsgroup that the message appears in]
OS - Operating System
OSIM - Oh Sh*t It's Monday
OSIS - Oh Sh*t It's Sunday
OT - Off Topic
OT1H - On The One Hand
OTC - Over The Counter
OTD - Out The Door
OTF - On The Floor [mad laughter]
OTGH - On The Gripping Hand
OTL - Out To Lunch
OTOH - On The Other Hand
OTOOH - On The Other Other Hand
OTT - Over The Top
OTTH - On The Third Hand
OTTOMH - Off The Top Of My Head
OTW - On The Whole
OW - Oh Well
OWTTE - Or Words To That Effect

PABG - Pack A Big Gun
PAW - Parents Are Watching
PBM - Play By Mail (games)
PBNFL - Possible, But Not F*cking Likely
PC - Personal Computer
PCB - Please Call Back
PCMCIA - People Can't Master Computer Industry Acronyms
PD - Public Domain
PDA - Public Display of Affection
PDN - Public Data Network
PDPMEMA - Please Don't Post My Email Address
PDQ - Pretty Damn Quick
PDS - Please Don't Shout
PDT - Pacific Daylight savings Time
PEBCAK - Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PEM - Privacy Enhanced Mail
PEST - Please Excuse Slow Typing
PFM - Pure F*ckin' Magic [when trying to explain how something works]
PGP - Pretty Good Privacy
PhD - Piled Higher and Deeper
PIMP - Pee In My Pants
PITA - Pain In The A*se
PKB - Pot, Kettle, Black
PKOC - Passionate Kiss On the Cheek
PKOL - Passionate Kiss On the Lips
PLMK - Please Let Me Know
PLMKO - Please Let Me Know Ok
PLOKTA - Press Lots Of Keys To Abort
PLONK - Person with Little Or No Knowledge [when seen in a newsgroup
post usually means the person referred to has been kill-filed]
PLS - Please
PLZ - Please
PMBI - Pardon My Butting In
PMETC - Pardon Me ETC
PMFBI - Pardon Me For Butting In
PMFI - Problem Magically Fixed Itself
PMFJI - Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMFJIH - Pardon Me For Jumping In Here
PMJI - Pardon My Jumping In
PMP - Peed My Pants
PO - Piss Off
POAHF - Put On A Happy Face
POETS (day) - Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday
POM - Phase Of the Moon
POP - Point Of Presence; Post Office Protocol
POQ - Piss Off Quickly
POQADCB - Piss Off Quickly And Don't Come Back
POS - Parents Over Shoulder
POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service/System
POTUS - President Of The United States
POV - Point Of View
PPL - PeoPLe
PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol; Petty Pet Peeve
PPPP - Previous Paragraph was Polemical Position
PS - Post Script
PST - Pacific Standard Time
PTB - Powers That Be
PTL - Praise The Lord
PTLAPTA - Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
PTMM - Please Tell Me More
PTMY - Pleased To Meet You
PTMYA - Pleased To Make Your Acquaintance
PTO - Please Turn Over
PW - Pathetic Wanker; PowWow

Q - Queue
QED - Quid Erat Demonstrandum; Quite Easily Done
QPQ - Quid Pro Quo
QT - Cutie; Quiet

RA - Red Alert
RAS - Running And Screaming
RE - REgarding
RFC - Request For Comment
RFD - Request For Discussion
RFM - Reply To Flagged Message
RFN - Right F*cking Now
RFT - Request For Thinking
RHIP - Rank Hath Its Privileges
RL - Real Life
RLCO - Real Life COnference
RMH - Real Manly Hug
RNA - Ring No Answer
ROFFNAR - Rolling On the Floor For No Apparent Reason
ROFL - Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMAATO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My A*se And T*ts Off
ROFLMAO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My A*se Off
ROFLMAOBT - Rolling On Floor Laughing My A*se Off Big Time
ROFLMAOPMP - Rolling On Floor Laughing My A*se Off Peeing My Pants
ROFLMHO - Rolling On Floor Laughing My Head Off
ROFLOL - Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROFLUTS - Rolling On Floor Laughing Unable To Speak
ROFLWPIMP - Rolling On Floor Laughing Whilst Peeing In My Pants
ROTBA - Reality On The Blink Again
ROTF - Rolling On The Floor
ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLAS - Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Snorting
ROTFLBTC - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Biting The Carpet
ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A*rse Off
ROTFLMAOSHTCCOMNAIWEDA - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A*se Off So Hard That
Coke Came Out My Nose And I Wasn't Even Drinking Any
ROTFLSHISMC - Rolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard I Spilt My Coffee
ROTFLSMP - Rolling On The Floor Laughing, Sh*tting My Pants
ROTFLSTCIIHO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Scaring The Cat If I Had One
ROTM - Right On The Money
RPG - Role Playing Game
RSN - Real Soon Now
RT - Real Time
RTFF - Read The F*cking FAQ(s)
RTFI - Read The F*cking Instructions
RTFM - Read The F*cking Manual
RTFN - Right The F*ck Now
RTFQ - Read The F*cking Question
RTFS - Read The F*cking Source
RTM - Read The Manual
RTS - Read The Screen; Real Time Strategy
RUMF - aRe yoU Male or Female
RUMORF - aRe yoU Male Or Female

*S* - *Smile*
SAH - Screw A Hamster
SAHM - Stay At Home Mum
SAMFUTU - Situation Abnormal More F*cked Up Than Usual
SAPFU - Surpassing All Previous F*ck Ups
SAR - Smart A*se Remark
SASS - Short Attention Span Society/Syndrome
SAT - Sorry About That
SBID - Sh*tty But It'll Do
SCNR - Sorry, Could Not Resist
SEC - SECond, e.g. Wait a sec
SEG - Sh*t Eating Grin
SEP - Somebody Else's Problem
SETE - Smiling Ear To Ear
SFAIAA - So Far As I Am Aware
SFLA - Stupid Four Letter Acronym
SGML - Standardised Generalised Markup Language
SH - Sh*t Happens
SHTSI - Somebody Had To Say It
SIG - Special Interest Group
SIIK - Stuffed If I Know
SIL - Sister In Law
SIT - Stay In Touch
SITD - Still In The Dark
SLIP - Serial Line Interface Protocol
SMAR - Suck My A*se Raw
SMG - Suck My Goat
SMO - Serious Mode On
SMOP - Small Matter Of Programming
SMOFF - Serious Mode OFF
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNAFU - Situation Normal All F*cked Up
SNERT - Snot-Nosed Egostical Rude Teenager
SNR - Signal To noise Ratio
SO - Significant Other
SOHB - Sense Of Humour Bypass
SOI - Stink On Ice; State Of Insanity
SOL - Sh*t Out of Luck
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SOS - Same Old Sh*t
SOT - Short Of Time
SOTMG - Short Of Time Must Go
SOVS - SomeOne Very Special
SPAM - SPiced hAM [now a common term on the Internet used to refer to Unsolicited Bulk Email, and unsolicited multiple postings to one or more Usenet newsgroups]
SRY - Sorry
SSDD - Same Sh*t Different Day
SSI - Subject Says It [in email and newsgroup message titles]
ST - Such That; Star Trek
ST-DS9 - Star Trek Deep Space 9
ST-TNG - Star Trek The Next Generation
ST-TOS - Star Trek The Original Series
ST-VOY - Star Trek Voyager
STFU - Shut The F*ck Up
STS - So To Speak
SUCDIC - Situation Under Control Dickheads In Charge
SUFID - Screwing Up Face In Disgust
SUL - See yoU Later
SUNOILTY - Shut Up No One Is Listening To You
SUP - what'S UP
SUYP - Shut Up You Pervert
SW - SoftWare; So What; Says Whom
SWAG - Simple Wild Assed Guess; Scientific Wild Assed Guess;
Stupid Wild Assed Guess
SWAHBI - Silly/Stupid Wild Assed Hair Brained/Half Baked Idea
SWAK - Sealed With A Kiss
SWALK - Sealed With A Loving Kiss
SWDYRTW - Since When Do You Rule The Web
SWL - Screaming With Laughter
SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed
SWYP - So What's Your Problem
SYL - See You Later
SYSOP - SYStem OPerator
SYT - Sweet Young Thing
SYWWBY - See Ya - Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya

TABA - Throws A Beer At
TAF - That's All Folks
TAFFARD - Take A Flying F*ck At A Rolling Donut
TAFN - That's All For Now
TANJ - There Ain't No Justice
TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TARFU - Things Are Really F*cked Up
TAWIS - That Ain't What I Said
TBC - To Be Continued
TBE - To Be Expected
TBYB - Try Before You Buy
TC - Telephone Call; Take Care
TCB - Taking Care of Business
TCD - The Cat's Dead
TDD - The Dog's Dead
TDM - Too Damn Many
TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It
TFB - Too F*cking Bad
TFE - Too F*cking Easy
TFS - Three Fingered Salute [Ctrl-Alt-Del]
TFTT - Thanks For The Thought
TGAL - Think Globally Act Locally
TGIF - Thank God It's Friday
TGTF - Thank God Tomorrow's Friday
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TIATLG - Truly I Am The Living God
TIC - Tongue In Cheek
TIIC - Those Idiots In Control
TIME - Tears In My Eyes
TIMTOWTDI - There Is More Than One Way To Do It
TINALO - This Is Not A Legal Opinion
TINAR - This Is Not A Recommendation
TINC - There Is No Cabal
TINWIS - That Is Not What I Said
TIP - To Insure Promptness
TJATAW - Truth Justice And The American Way
TLA - Three Letter Acronym
TLC - Tender Loving Care
TLG - The Living God
TM - Thread Mangler
TMI - Too Much Information
TMIKTLIU - The More I Know The Less I Understand
TN - TelNet
TNOTVS - There's Nothing On TeleVision So
TNX - Thanks
TOTBAL - There Ought To Be A Law
TPAE - The Possibilities Are Endless
TPS(S) - This Program Sucks (Severely)
TPTB - The Powers That Be
TRDMC - Tears Running Down My Cheeks
TS - Tough Sh*t; Top Secret
TSOHF - Total Sense Of Humour Failure
TSR - Terminate and Stay Resident (program); Totally Stupid Rules
TTBE - That's To Be Expected
TTBOMK - To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
TTL4N - That's The Lot For Now
TTM - To The Moderator
TTSP - This Too Shall Pass
TTTT - These Things Take Time
TTUL - Talk/Type To yoU Later
TTYL - Talk To You Later
TTYRS - Talk To You Real Soon
TVB - Top Versus Bottom
TWAIN - Technology Without An Important Name
TWIMC - To Whom It May Concern
TWIS - That's What I Said
TWTST - That Will Take Some Thought
TWYAS - That's What You All Say
TWYT - That's What You Think
TY - Thank You
TYT - Take Your Time [often used in reply to BRB (cf)]
TYVM - Thank You Very Much

U/L - UpLoad
UAE - Unrecoverable Application Error
UBE - Unsolicited Bulk Email
UFLA - Unidentified Four Letter Acronym
UGTBK - yoU've Got To Be Kidding
UL - UpLoad
UOK - yoU OK?
URL - Uniform Resource Locator
URLCM - yoU aRe weLCoMe
USU - USUally
UT4S - yoU Type For Shit
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time [GMT]; Under The Counter
UTT - Under The Table
UUCP - Unix-toUnix CoPy

VBG - Very Big Grin
VDPKOL - Very Deep Passionate Kiss On the Lips
VDWPKOL - Very Deep Wet Passionate Kiss On the Lips
VH - Virtual Hug
VR - Virtual Reality
VRML - Virtual Reality Modelling Language
VT - Virtual Time

W/ - With
W/O - With Out
W8 - Wait
W8ING - Waiting
WAB - What Another Bill
WAEF - When All Else Fails
WAG - Wild Assed Guess
WAIS - Wide Area Information Server
WALOC - What A Load Of Crap
WAN - Wide Area Network
WB - Welcome Back
WBS - Write Back Soon
WBSP - Write Back Soon Please
WC - Way Cool
WCAGA - What Comes Around Goes Around
WDYMBT - What Do You Mean By That
WEFT - Wrong Every F*cking Time
WFHC - Why For How Come?
WFM - Works For Me
<wg> - Wide Grin
WGAFF - Who Gives A Flying F*ck
WGAS - Who Gives A Sh*t
WIBNIF - Wouldn't It Be Nice IF
WMMOWS - Wash My Mouth Out With Soap
WOA - Work Of Art
WOFT - Waste Of F*cking Time
WOFTAM - Waste Of F*cking Time And Money
WOM - Word Of Mouth
WOMBAT - Waste Of Money Brains And Time
WOS - Wife Over Shoulder
WPKOL - Wet Passionate Kiss On the Lips
WRT - With Regard/Respect To
WSDMU - We Sure Did Miss yoU
WTF - What The F*ck
WTFDIC - What The F*ck Do I Care
WTFDIK - What The F*ck Do I Know
WTFDYTYA - Who The F*ck Do You Think You Are
WTG - Way To Go (Well Done!)
WTH - What The Hell/Heck
WUC - Why yoU Cry?
WWW - World Wide Web; World Wide Wait
WWYC - Write When You Can
WYGIWYG - What You Got Is What You Get
WYGIWYPF - What You Get Is What You Pay For
WYM - What You Mean?
WYP - What's Your Point?
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
WYSOH - Where's Your Sense Of Humour?

XYZ - eXamine Your Zipper

Y2K - The Year 2000
YAABH - You Are A Big Help
YABA - Yet Another Bloody Acronym
YAOTM - Yet Another Off-Topic Message
YBS - You'll Be Sorry
YCIITM - Your Check/Cheque Is In The Mail
YCLIU - You Can Look It Up
YCTFS - You Can't Type For Shit
YGGM - Your Guess is as Good as Mine
YGTBK - You've Got To Be Kidding
YHB___ - You Have Been ___
YHBW - You Have Been Warned
YHL - You Have Lost
YHTBT - You Had To Be There
YIAH - Yes I Am Here
YKWIM - You Know What I Mean
YKYATP - You Know You're A Tired Parent
YM - You Mean
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary [it could be different for you]
YOYO - You're On Your Own
YOYOW - You Own Your Own Words
YR - Yeah Right
YSS - You Suck Severely
YT - Yours Truly
YTMOB - You Turn Me On Baby
YW - You're Welcome
YWSYLS - You Win Some You Lose Some
YYBBHH - Yeh Yeh Beep Beep Honk Honk
YYSSW - Ya Ya Sure Sure Whatever

ZN - ZiffNet

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