Thu Aug 18 14:44 2016BillBYOL Bring Your Own Liquor ,,, IMO ,, Liquor By The Drink has taken the profit and the fun out of the bar business ...
Tue Aug 16 1:40 2016JonathanPretty funny - I remember they used to put labels with random names on the liquor bottles to be able to claim they were bottles brought in by patrons. I remember Tommy "holding court" in my grandmother's living room once. The stories that man could tell. What a life.
Mon Aug 15 16:12 2016BillMe 2, I washed dishes at Tommy's, Jean's Club and the Italian Gardens ... in the '60s
Mon Aug 15 16:10 2016BillI use this shout box on many of the projects I built over the last dozen years
Mon Aug 15 16:09 2016Billoh it is my own censor that I built a 15 years ago ... lol .. I originally built to have a simple AI and would answer people like I was here ... It really pissed off some friends thinking they were talking with me
Mon Aug 15 15:47 2016JonathanWell - I guess the internet split it up - I was using a term that refers to alcoholic beverages and ends in ...tails.
Mon Aug 15 15:46 2016JonathanHaha I guess I split  Censored tails up into two words and was censored - sorry about that.
Mon Aug 15 15:45 2016JonathanAnother old haunt was Valentino's - also serving illegally. I worked as a busboy there when I was way too young to do so. I was 13 years old and worked on Friday and Saturday nights from 6 PM to 5AM. They served  Censored tails in coffee cups after midnight like they were fooling people.
Fri Aug 12 20:03 2016BillThe Bar Business was totally illegal in those days ... They had First and Last count so there was quite a bit of money in the business ...
Fri Aug 12 13:54 2016JonathanAlso saw Dale Carr in some of your photos. Would not have wanted to tangle with that guy.
Fri Aug 12 13:50 2016JonathanWow - if he closed it in 1979, I guess I was younger than I remember. Born in 1968, so I must have been 9 or 10 when I went there. Honestly didn't know Tommy had any kids. Wish I had a chance to meet you back then. I really miss those days, No cell phones.
Wed Jul 13 5:11 2016Billsorry to hear about your dad. I spent a lot of time at Tommy's over the years, from the time I was a little kid until 1979 when he closed. Of course Tommy was my dad and I have a lot of great stories ... It was a different time and another world compared to today.
Tue Jul 12 22:41 2016JonathanMy dad actually passed in the 90's. That really wasn't a place for kids but he was one of those guys who would take me anywhere and Tommy was okay with it. I was probably 12 or 13 back when he was going there and I went to the Skate World around the corner every weekend. I also remember Hari. My dad introduced me and he made me some steak fingers with some kind of fancy mustard sauce. It was amazing. It was the first time I ever had anything like it and I still think about it to this day.
Tue Jul 12 5:03 2016BillThanks Jonathan ... I remember your dad from Tommy's ... Most of that crowd are getting a bit older, and very few of the people I meet these days remember it.
Mon Jul 11 17:08 2016JonathanAwesome pictures! My father, Fox Henderson, is in one of them from Tommy's Continental. Not sure why that place popped into my head and led me to find this site. Went with my dad a few times when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing!
Fri May 23 16:05 2014BillThere was a guy on Facebook asked me for Tommy's Tomato Soup Recipe ... there is a photo of the recipe in the photo layout next to the Tom & Jean's menu cover. smile
Wed May 21 9:33 2014BillWell, I built a version for a couple of different versions of IE, took 2 days. It is cooler to look at, than the version I made for the other browsers, but it does not check to see if the image is loaded before displaying it. smile
Tue May 20 5:57 2014BillDarn, Internet Explorer doesn't run the slideshow. Use the Load More button on the image display smile
Sat May 10 12:56 2014BillThanks Rain, I have a few more photos that got skipped, I will add them in a few days ... If anyone has any photos that should be included, add them above or send them to me. Thanks.
Sat May 10 11:34 2014RainInstead you give the world something to remember him with a Bang. He would have loved it!
Sat May 10 11:33 2014RainYou focused on all the exciting times that he had during his lifetime that meant so much to him, and not once did you even mention how horrible it got for him as he prepared to leave this world.
Sat May 10 11:32 2014RainI didn't have a chance to get to know him very well, but I am quite sure he would have been very proud of you for this!
Sat May 10 11:31 2014RainOMG Bill this is awesome! I love it. I've heard all the stories about Tommy thru you, but until I saw this, they were just stories to me.
Fri May 9 8:26 2014BillMaybe I will build a photo scroller, so you don't have to push the button 250 times ...
Wed May 7 16:20 2014BillHello ... A memorial to Tommy Tucker.