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*Start Event, Click Here: >>> 

*General Location:
Monkey Island, Disney, Duck Creek   


This is the name shown on the list.

Optional Link:

If you have a link it is good to include it.

*Information Popup Bubble:
Short & Sweet, 30-60 words.
Add extended info below. :)
No html or code sorry :(

Optional Extended Information.
Add as much information as you need.
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Your email will not be used in any way. It is only used for your proof of event ownership.

*I Agree
Read General Agreement

Human Verify Image
*R U Human?
Input the Code seen above.

We may edit for size or content, or remove any map marker, it's content and links at anytime.

Required: *

Map Interface
2009 -
Bill Tucker

Adding A Map Pin
The Human Verification allows 5 minutes to complete this task.
The steps are.
1. Select *Start Event, Click Here: Radio Control.
2. Move the red pointer to the exact location on the map.
In combination with the zoom control move the mouse pointer to obtain as exact a placement as possible.
3. Click the Date Box and open the Calendar.
Select your starting event date. For complex dates just put the starting date and not 2 worry. :)
4. Type in the number of days from the start date until the final day of the event.
5. Select an Event Type.
Do not worry if your Event Type is not shown, just select something.
6. Type in a General Location.
7. Type in a Event Title.
8. Type in the Information Bubble.
This is the popup that is displayed over the marker when the event has been selected.
9. Type in the Large Popup Extended Information Bubble.
This is the Large Popup that is displayed when visitors press

The 2 most important things to know.
1. Contact me with event information and I will post it. Click Here :)
2. After pressing Save, you should be on the Event Map Page.
well, the 3 most important things, I work with it every day, so any typos or other stuff,. I will see them or let me know. :)

Editing by the poster is on the counter and I may put it on the stove if I get enough feedback.

It is best to verify you are human first: Click Here
This will make this page load differently and get you ready for adding events.

Get all of your information together and then refresh this page. This is because you only have 5 minutes before the "R U Human?" verify code will expire.
fill in all the boxes,
start with the Radio Button, *Start Event
Add a few words, find your location by draging the red pointer with your mouse,
Click, Click, Click, you are done.

I built this so it is really fast, so once you have the hang of it, it is quick.

Your Email will not be used in any way. It is only to know who can make changes if needed. :)

Sorry, No BBC codes ... yet. :)

You are required to select the Radio Control, where it says, Click Here, located next to the red line at the top.
You are required to place a pin map location by moving the pointer with your mouse.
You are required to add a Event Date.
You are required to select an Event Type from the drop down.

If you have any problems, just let me know.

SetUp the Map for your link.

SetUp the Map for your link.