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See my New Recorder !!

Is this cool or what? :)
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Hi-Fi, VoiceCast, VoiceMail, Audio Recorder/Player, and ShoutBox.
Javascript controls and meter, flash recorder.

Play your recording back a couple of times before pressing save.
Adjust your controls for the best performance. All of your computer controls
and the flash control has a volume control.
Get your best record settings and press save.

To post a Review or a Commercial, start on that Map Location Page and Press RECORD.
This will give the information to the Recorder as to which page it is recording for.
Please Leave A Message :)

My Pre-HTML5 solution to recording high quality audio on my website.
This solution works on most websites with FTP access and PHP.
It uses flash to record your microphone or other audio sources.

I Built This.
     By Bill Tucker

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