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Knowing what people are searching for is why Google is what it is. Knowing what people are searching for, is how you know what keywords to add to the content you create.
Click here for GLL Search & Click DATA.

The Unique Daily Visitor count has lost some of it's meaning these days. With filtering and many pages not adding the visitor to the totals.
It is just a fun number I watch sometimes to compare with google's assements. :)
If you look, you will see I have over 100 Grand Lake Area Maps ...
I get a lot of Referrals to my Maps from Yahoo, Bing and Google and others.
My Search Engine is still referred a lot and it is a big draw. I still get around 100,000 searches in my Search Engine each month in the summer.

The YaBB Forum I installed over 10 years ago is shut down. You can see the exact moment in the daily statistics. With the recent upsurge in hacker exploits increasing every day. This has turned the YaBB into a Server Hog. It is getting phased out, and soon I will write a converter for the forums and members.

This has removed hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of thread pages
returned to search engines.

I converted some of the forums, but, not all and the new forum is not on yet. But there is some info in the new forum.
Facebook and Social media have for now have replaced good old forums. maybe later.

My biggest day ever was in 2017 from the extra 1500 daily visitors looking for the Fake story of Alligators spotted on Grand. lol

In May 2018 GLL was hacked and a very dangerous looking package of code was uploaded to my server and attempted to kill GLL.
I was lucky. Very Lucky.

I found that I was hacked pretty bad last year and some of the 20 year old tools were damaged.
I found some interesting anomalies in my code.

Have a fun and safe summer. :)

I developed my search engine to manage all of the links people had submitted.
My search engine gave me hundreds of keywords in the search engines.
By 2009 I started to have a lot of competition in the market.
Some folks would put up a dozen sites at once, mostly with duplicate content, but this was years ago and Google is not as forgiving as they used to be.

2008 was the year that I stopped running my harvester and image retrieval tool.
It required a computer to run full-time and periodically I would have to work on the software.
My image retrieval tool would take a screen print automatically of their website homepage and shrink it down to 100 pixels by 75 pixels. That worked good 15 years ago but by 2010 was better when people submitted their own images.
Then I added the settings link in the search engine so people could submit their changes to their link in my search engine.

2008 I developed my map tool.
It provides over 100 pages to Northeastern Oklahoma attractions with a shout box, photo uploads, audio recordings, ratings, and traffic logs..

Helping Your Clients, Find You.

2012 my Events Map ...

Today, there is an incredible amount of competition in the market.
Everybody and their brother has a project.
Salesmen in all forms from everywhere ...

So, ... FREE still Wins ...
Just by chance, when I started GLL it was the turn-of-the-century,
the Internet was Kumbaya, and I said I would share and swap links with anyone
who wanted to put their link on GLL, they were welcome.
It always pays for itself makes a few bucks. :)

Free however, is not Free, ...
You have to to push the buttons. :)

Map Stats

Links Exchange :)

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Unique Daily Visitors
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