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20 years ago when the concept of Grand Lake Links was first conceived, it was a place for me to learn Perl and about the Internet. In those days it was Kumbaya, everybody liked everybody, and was a brave new world where we swapped links, shared ideas, Kumbaya. I wrote a harvester for my burgeoning search engine, to gather website data, and a tool to automatically take a picture of their homepage for my search engine image.
After the crash of 2008, I moved back to Tulsa, and thankfully, to a real job. I stopped running the harvester when the images being returned became too small when shrank to 100 x 75 pixels. It required me to have a computer running full time for the harvester, and constantly maintaining the software to run the harvester.
Sorry, if you want your site listed for free advertising, you have to add it yourself, in the search engine, and add a map page, with photos, shoutbox, and audio with all the rest, you have to push the buttons. :-)

Log Reset: 11/20/2022   Top 91 Terms
Total Searches: 87011
Search Term Limit:1800 LogTrim:76%
Searches in Log 8982
1530 Search Terms in Log
76 rv lots for sale
16 restaurants
25 boat ramps
19 map mulligans
45 bass tournaments
48 grand lake dam release schedule
32 lake of the cherokees motel
60 grand lake ok water temp
31 cabins
24 boat rental
71 grand lake o cherokees lodging
43 deepest part of grand lake
16 haunted houses
30 rv lots for rent yearly
20 firewood for sale
22 boat rental by disney oklahoma
18 live cam
90 water temperature
28 hempton heights
19 carved wood furniture
27 is it safe to swim
18 antiques
30 map the office
36 gas stations
27 winterize
33 water temp at grand lake
51 water temp at grand lake in ok
37 the road house monkey island
34 the resort at grand lake
24 thanksgiving dinner
25 spoonbill guides
28 shebang grand lake
24 red arrow marina
18 public access fishing map
16 pryors horsecreek resort
28 port duncan monkey island ok
22 pine island rv resort
25 pic
17 osage hollow rv park
35 monkey island
16 monkey island lodging
22 map grand lake
25 links
24 lakefrontcamping
26 lakefront
24 lake hudson dam release schedule
17 hotels grove
128 homes for sale
16 har-ber village grove
40 grand lake o cherokee oklahoma
24 grand lake gated community map
27 fishing resorts grove
28 fishing report on white bass
20 facebook
16 events
16 custom yacht services
24 boats
17 boat trailers for sale nvopzp iko
19 boat dock regulations
24 boat
21 best place to fish at grand lakes
18 bass
18 bars
19 bait
25 pizza delivery
17 bass tracker boat
17 marine damage surveyor
35 houseboat rental
18 grand lake heated fishing docks
20 duck creek
24 lake level of lake eucha ok
32 the villas on monkey island
26 gran tara - for sale
20 depth of grand lake
20 waterfront cabin rental in ok
18 land for sale in port duncan
24 grand lake o the cherokees
19 the cliffs at monkey island
20 ice box bluff
19 linkpartners
56 heated fishing dock
16 resort at grand lake condo
17 hunting map
17 dam
16 tram
16 lake cabins
29 dam release schedule
17 bears den hotels
16 depth map grand lake
17 houseboats for sale
18 pensacola dam

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