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  This article is on the dining and dancing situation in Delaware County, in North East Oklahoma,in the Grand Lake area.    First, a little history.   Grove, is the principal township, on Grand Lake O' The Cherokees.   Grove was basically chartered by two businessmen,  around the year 1915.  What remains of that original partnership, are the  First National Bank of Grove, The First National Bank of Vinita, and the old Delaware County Administration building,  which was sold to a private interest, and renovated in 1957.   Grand Lake is a major lake in Oklahoma,  with slightly over 40,000 acres of water surface, with shore line that winds around the towns of Grove, Jay, Zena, Disney, Langley, Cleora, and Bernice, on the South, and Wyandotte on the North.

  There are many species of fresh water fish in Grand Lake waters, which bring fishing fans, and fanatics alike, to Grove. Fishing tournaments are always going on, the Bass Tournaments, are probably the most popular.    Boating on Grand Lake is always a popular  pastime, and full time residents and vacationers alike, have some beautiful equipment to slide into the water, and, the State of Oklahoma maintains a protective patrol, which make sure that safety on these waters is not merely a good idea, but, is the law.

  A nice day on the water works up an appetite for the fisherman and boater, and good food is being prepared all over the Grand Lake environs, to cater to just about any diner.   American cuisine is served in several places, for the diner who would like to sit, and be served a nice meal.  Before one can get out on the water, for  many people, a good breakfast is necessary. NU-TASTE is a good 3 star restaurant, where their very good menu will show a diner some decent prices on breakfasts we all appreciate, is to be had.   NU-TASTE serves a giant pancake, eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, iced tea and hot coffee is sure to please. Service is fast, and polite.   Prices are fair, and the food quality brings people back and back, time after time. For lunch, again, American cuisine is sure to satisfy, with a lunch specials, a la carte, or you call the ball.   The Chicken Fried Steak is very good, with piping hot vegetable sides, iced tea, soft drinks, and hot coffee. If you're in no particular hurry, stay for dessert.

 Charlie's Chicken is good for a quick lunch take out, and if you have an event  to cater, Charlie's might be the one to choose.   Call and inquire about catering.  Let's head South on Highway 59, to Jay, for a fabulous lunch buffet, at the Pizza Hut.  There, for a very reasonable price, you'll indulge in scrumptious pizza in several varieties, a worthy salad bar full of ice cold veggies and dressings.  And you will remember the  food quality, and colorful environs, super - polite wait staff, and a management staff  that works hard to ensure the constant quality that you'll experience at Pizza Hut, in Jay, Oklahoma.  It's a 4 star buffet,  folks ! So,  go, and enjoy.

 If you love a good, healthy, tasty Chinese menu, and a daily, lunch and evening buffet, you'll love the wonderful  selections at the East Buffet, on East Third Street.  Most food, piping hot on the buffet line, is wok cooked by professionals, in their superb kitchen. Their lunch buffet is colorful,  beautiful, food, that is healthy, full of flavor, perfectly done.   You'll try the Cashew Chicken Broccoli Beef.  Twice fried rice, with saffron.   Braised mushrooms.  Fresh  Salmon !!   You can have fresh Spring rolls, and Egg rolls.   Please try the delicious Egg Fu Yung, a fabulous dish, great as a side dish, with Shrimp, a salad, or with their wonderful, garlic fried chicken.   Check out their fine salad bar. This is an oft missed treasure, with  only the  freshest, most  healthful selections.   Try the ice cold cucumber salad.   After a splendid meal, be  sure  to check out their knock - out dessert bar, where the discerning sweet-tooth will ogle and enjoy the  splendor of many  items of a minor, sinful nature.  There is something for everyone, at the East Buffet !  

There is a Sonic Drive - In franchise in Grove, and,  if you would care  to take your appetite to an old-fashioned bit of curb-service luxury, scoot that cool, 1957 Thunderbird over to Sonic, and  explore their carefully crafted and creative menu, and Classic Americana.

  I did mention dancing, and there is only one place I know, in the Grand  Lake area, where you can take  a date, grab a nice dinner and scoot a boot, on a genuine, hardwood floor : that's J R Spanky's, out on Hwy 10.  They boast live music on Friday nights, and Saturday nights. American cuisine is available at very fair prices.   The kitchen from time to time serves up a knock-out Tex-Mex, so, be sure and ask  when you  are there.  You can take advantage of a full bar, and icy cold beer.   Iced tea, and good coffee is there, too.  The noise is a bit loud for many people....  you'll have to decide if J R Spanky's is your cup of tea.

  Look for many other articles on Grand Lake attractions, in the near future !!

Your journalist,

Dr. H. E. Sawyer,  Jr.

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