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Candlewyck Cove Resort, a locally owned Resort in Grove, Oklahoma, has won the coveted "RedBud Award" for "Outstanding Resort and Lodging Property" from the Oklahoma Travel Industry Association. Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell and Jenifer Reynolds, Discover Oklahoma host, presented the award to Candlewyck as part of the "Conference On Tourism" held in Oklahoma City. The RedBud award represents the highest honor given in the Oklahoma tourism industry.

     The opening ceremony was keynoted by the Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell and "Discover Oklahoma" host Jenifer Reynolds presented the awards. Jeff Pelcher, Candlewyck's Owner, stated: "It was a great honor to receive the RedBud award and to be recognized as an "Outstanding Resort and Lodging Property" in Oklahoma". The Red Bud Awards represent the highest honor given in the Oklahoma tourism industry. Entries were evaluated by a slate of tourism professionals from across the region. The judging included customer service and experience, marketing effectiveness and media relations.

     Candlewyck Cove Resort was also previously awarded, the Traveler's Choice Award, ranking 16th in the Top 25 Hotels to stay in the United States. Traveler's Choice Awards are based on millions of reviews and opinions from Trip Advisor's travelers. Candlewyck has also received the 2013 Certificate of Excellence Award from Trip Advisor for the last fifteen years, placing it in the top performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on Trip Advisor. Candlewyck has a rating of 5 stars on Trip Advisor, and is the number one rated hotel in Grove, Oklahoma.

     Candlewyck is a majestic lakefront resort overlooking a deep water cove on beautiful Grand Lake in northeastern Oklahoma. Candlewyck, started in 2003 by Jeff and Gara Pelcher, has become home to people from all over the United States for their family vacations, family reunions, weddings and romantic getaways, and for business travelers for a welcoming place to stay and rest.

     Candlewyck is also home to H2O Sports Rental, which services its guest and the public with water sports rental of waverunners, wakeboard and ski boats, and pontoon and triton boat rentals.

     Jeff and Gara Pelcher, stated "they are very proud of the resort, and all the hard work that has been put into it from their two sons Derrick and Nathan Pelcher in the Resorts early years of construction and over the sixteen years of operation. Candlewyck is currently managed by Roger Pelcher, Jeff's brother. Roger stated "the true mission of all our staff has been to treat all of our guests as our "family", and to ensure their stay provides them the greatest opportunity to create lasting memories".

     Candlewyck wants to express to all its customers the deepest "Thank You" from all of us at Candlewyck for the recognition and reviews that lead to this very prestigious award, and more importantly for allowing us the opportunity to be of service.

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