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Sun Aug 4 10:45 2019BiIIhi
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Fri Jul 14 8:35 2017BillAdmin screen shot. See most IPs are Excluded from GLL logs ... Image Link smile
Fri Jul 7 14:53 2017BillLink smile
Thu Jun 22 16:17 2017BillPlease Complain ... Tell me what think. If it doesn't work. Please complain It is just me trying to run this thing, and no one but you to help me.
Mon Jan 2 6:34 20171480Link Superior Docks & Lifts
Mon Dec 26 22:10 2016BillArrow Docks Link
Mon Dec 26 19:44 2016BillLink Snapatude Jewelry
Sat Dec 10 18:57 2016BillLink Poseidon Grand Lake
Sat Jul 30 19:03 2016BillLakefront Cabins Link smile
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Sat Nov 21 12:23 2015BillWelcome Meghan Coves Link
Fri Oct 16 8:50 2015BillNEW Map ... Pryor's Horse Creek Resort Link
Fri Oct 16 8:48 2015BillNew Map ... American Covers Upholstery Link
Tue Sep 22 11:10 2015BillHi Pat ... The Haunted House is just a little graphics diddy smile
Tue Sep 22 10:36 2015PatPat to Steve Yeager: Your name sounds familiar...would you by chance be from Joplin? I graduated in '65 from Joplin Senior and my husband from the Catholic high school..he was several yers ahead of me...his name is Vic Roche. smile
Tue Sep 22 10:28 2015PatPat to Bill: what is the Haunted House? smile
Tue Sep 22 10:25 2015PatHi! Looking for a friend of ours who is living near Grand Lake now. His name is CHUCK MAIN. Hi Chuck. Vic sure does miss you and playing ball with you and the telephone conversations. Come see us ...we are moved into the "tiny "house two blocks from old house we are still trying too sell in Louisburg. Hope all is well with you.
Thu Jul 3 23:08 2014BillWow!!! 2 more nights to go!!! smile
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Mon May 19 12:15 2014Billa Memorial for Tommy Tucker Link
Sat Feb 22 14:27 2014BillNew for 2014!!! The Grand Lake Links Maps have been totally re-designed. Way Cool ... Lots of NEW Features, Voice Reviews, Webcam Posting on the Maps, ... And my new Fruit Captcha ...
Oct 13 13:26BillThe Haunted House Link smile
Oct 13 13:24BillTime for The Monster Mash Link
Oct 4 19:21BillCheck out my new Unique Daily Visitor display Link smile
Sep 27 12:14BillMy New VoiceMail ,,.. Link Please Leave A Message. smile
Jul 9 20:48BillNew Contest ... Link
Jul 2 20:06BillAre you ready for some fireworks? smile
Jun 26 18:24BillA Blast from the past ... >>> Link
Jun 21 15:07BillI set up the Map Photos ... Link smile
Jun 18 19:09BillThere they stopped ,... lol smile
Jun 17 20:41BillIf you watch you can see someone spamming their counters ... smile
Jun 3 7:44BillMost of these counters I would call legacy. From when I studied the numbers. I studied where folks come from, what they are looking for, and where they are going.
Jun 3 7:43BillJust what the numbers mean. After studying the Internet every day for almost 15 years, took a couple of college courses along the way, what advice can I give in one sentence? If you have a website, know where your visitors are coming from, and what they were looking for.
May 27 16:44BillSomething else I am working on. This will show some of the daily visitors IP locations. As you can see, lots of the tools at Grand Lake Links, I wrote my self, mostly from scratch. Link
May 9 22:30BillLet us see some of those mug shots. smile
May 8 6:43BillHere you can see some of the details that I see ... smile
Apr 11 21:17BillWe are going to miss you George. smile
Mar 25 13:53BillThat's me with the mustache ... smile
Mar 16 22:43BillHey George, spring is on the way! smile
Sat 5:21 pmGeorgeLuck O' The Irish to You All
Wed 2:56 pmBill smile Only polite images are allowed. Rude or explicit images will be removed ... smile
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