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ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Malone's CNC Machining Inc.
2015 E. Industrial 5th Grove OK 74344 Phone: 918-786-7313
Malone's CNC Machining Inc.
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Victory Comics
Novels and Comic Books,,One on the history of the Cherokee Queen Riverboat.
Victory Comics
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Mayes County OK Emergency Management
Serving the communities of Adair,Diamond Head,Disney,Chouteau,Langley,Lone Chapel,Locust Grove,Mazie,Salina,Spavinaw,Strang,Pensacola,Rose,Pryor,and all the 38,369 residents of our County in Northeast Oklahoma to enable them to prepare for,mitigate against,recover from,and respond to disasters both natural and man-made.
Mayes County OK Emergency Management
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Oklahoma Conservation Commission - WQ Grand Lake
Summary of the Grand Lake project - This project educates and demonstrates to citizens,students,and municipal officials ways to reduce nutrient,sediment,and fecal bacteria pollution flowing from land into nearby streams and Grand Lake.
Oklahoma Conservation Commission - WQ Grand Lake
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Welch Public School
Welch lies 17 miles north of Vinita and 12 miles west of Miami at the intersection of Highways 2 & 10. To reach the school,go 2 blocks east of the intersection of Highways 2 & 10 to Curtis Street. Turn south on Curtis and proceed 2 blocks. Welch Public Schools are located on a single campus at 707 South Curtis Street. The JH/HS building faces Curtis Street,to the east. The Elementary Building is located approximately 1 block to the west.
Welch Public School
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  The Vintage Online
On-line spot for home owners at the Vintage on Grand Lake
The Vintage Online
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Welcome!
Monkey Island Fire Department is here to serve you and the Grand Lake area called Monkey Island. Our Fire Chief Carl Tesreau is dedicated to serving our community & helping protect us from all sorts of disasters from structural fires,grass fires and more. We hope you never need to call us in our official capacity but in case you do,isn't it good to know that Carl and (at present) seventeen volunteer fire-fighters are ready and capable of handling most any emergency.
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  City of Fairland Oklahoma
City of Fairland Oklahoma. Located in the Oklahoma Green Country,Fairland is in the Heartland of America and a good place in which to raise a family and to work.
City of Fairland Oklahoma
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Grand Lake Watershed Mercury Study
This project is funded by a grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, grant number 1R21ES017941.
Grand Lake Watershed Mercury Study
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  FIRST Team 3160
GLMC is a local organization of manufacturers in Craig,Delaware,Mayes,and Ottawa Counties. The primary purpose of GLMC is to promote cooperation,collaboration and to provide educational opportunities within the neighboring manufacturing communities in Northeast Oklahoma.
FIRST Team 3160
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Grand Lake Audubon Society
Grand Lake Audubon Society(Grove, OK) is dedicated to fostering appreciation, enjoyment and stewardship of our natural world.
Grand Lake Audubon Society
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Dan's Wild Bunch
Our site is dedicated to furthering the breeds of Myotonic Fainting Goats and Nubian Dairy Goats. We feel that the more that we can be self-sufficient the better off we will be,meaning that we will raise as much of our food as we can.
Dan's Wild Bunch
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  The Junction Internet LLC
The Junction Internet is an Internet service provider offering high speed Internet for Northeast Oklahoma. The Junction uses an advanced wireless network linking over 50 towers and access points over a six county area. All towers are fed via high speed connections linking back to our advanced data center. Most of our access points have redundant connections to insure higher up-times. In business since 1996, The Junction is locally owned and operated. We are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable Internet and a high level of technical support for a very competitive price.
The Junction Internet LLC
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Freeman's Masonry in Vinita Oklahoma
Our Bricklayers and Stonemasons work is the best in the industry creating attractive,durable surfaces and structures. The work varies in complexity,from laying a simple masonry walkway to installing an ornate exterior of a high-rise building.
Freeman's Masonry in Vinita Oklahoma
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Pryor Patchers Quilt Guild
Pryor Patchers Quilt Guild Pryor,Oklahoma
Pryor Patchers Quilt Guild
ok1 Map or Add Map Link  Mister DJ Entertainment
Grand Lake's DJ Entertainment with Karaoke option. We got the music you want for your wedding or big event to rock the party.
Mister DJ Entertainment
Viewing 85 - 100 out of 107.
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