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I have seen a lot of smaller clients overwhelmed with salesmen,.

My answer is to expand. Expand Features, Services and the market.
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New Voice Reviews, New Map Interface, New Photo Uploader.

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We have added most of the Links Pages corner ad space to the Corner Banner Rotation Program.

Corner Banner Examples

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Banner Samples and Examples

Your Banner Admin Area

Each Banner account comes with private admin area for uploading banners,
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Exposures   Clicks        %       Ratio         Current Running Examples

42,086       1,556       3.7%    27:1                Resort Examples
36,063       922          2.6%    39:1
33,996       882          2.6%    39:1

31,115       464          1.5%    67:1                Real Estate Example

10,000       77            0.8%    130:1              Some Other Examples
29,029       229          0.8%    127:1
13,980       1,831       13.1%   8:1

One account's Log File for a Sample IP list.
The following log file lists the IP addresses of those individuals who have seen
or clicked on this account's banner since yesterday morning. Each line displays the
time of the exposure (E) or click-thru (C), and the IP address of the responsible party.
Loading ...

Total exposures logged: 150
Total clicks logged: 1
Total IP addresses logged: 129

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