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 Ketch-All Mini Storage
Multiple locations on Grand Lake - Afton -Cleora -Ketchum -Monkey Island -call 918-782-7111 for specific location address. 24hr surveillance, concrete floor, climate control

 Lil' Offshore
hwy 85a & 125 918 257-4217

 Island Park
Afton, Monkey Island (918) 257-5596

 Disney Island Outfitters
918 435-4536 Disney OK

 Creative Concepts
Monkey Island OK 918-257-5702

 Littlefield's Country Corner
hwy 85a & 125 918 257-4010

918 676-3725 SE OF CITY, FAIRLAND

 Idle-A-Wile One Stop
918 676-5046 625 W Conner Ave, Fairland, OK

918 257-5726 S OF CITY, AFTON

 Jim Jennings - Jennings Construction Co
918-257-4294 Monkey Island Afton, OK

 Joe Horton - Lakeland Real Estate
918-782-4427 Highway 82 & 85 Ketchum, OK

 Kent Stewart - Patricia Island Estates
918-786-3338 4983 Clubhouse Rd. Grove, OK

918 435-8055 DISNEY

918-257-8388 918 257-4898 Monkey Island, Afton, OK

 The Roadhouse
918 257-8185 Monkey Island OK

 Touch N Go
918 257-8602 56351 E Highway 125, Afton, OK

918 782-2104 57 Duck Creek Landing Ketchum, OK

 Woodland Hills Resort
918.786.9530 1521 James St Grove, OK 74344-5011

 Big John's Trolling Motor Repair
918 257-8385 26505 S Highway 125 Afton, OK

 Island Joe's Kentena
At Shangri-La on Monkey Island 918-257-5950 57151 E. Highway 125 Monkey Island, Ok
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